why is ups tracking so bad?

When it comes to package deliveries, UPS has established itself as a global leader. With its extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction, UPS has earned the trust of countless individuals and businesses worldwide. However, like any large-scale operation, occasional hiccups can occur, leaving customers wondering why their UPS tracking experience falls short of expectations.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the occasional tracking delays and address common concerns with the aim of fostering trust and excitement in UPS’s services.

Is It Normal for UPS to Not Update Tracking?

why is ups tracking so bad

Sometimes, customers may find themselves in a situation where their UPS tracking information does not update as frequently as they expect. While this can be frustrating, it’s important to understand that various factors can contribute to these delays.

UPS operates a vast fleet of vehicles and handles an immense volume of packages daily. In rare instances, logistical challenges may arise, causing temporary disruptions in tracking updates. However, it’s crucial to note that such delays are not the norm and are typically rectified swiftly.

Is UPS Tracking Usually Accurate?

UPS prides itself on providing accurate and reliable tracking information to its customers. In fact, the majority of UPS tracking experiences are highly accurate, allowing recipients to monitor the progress of their shipments seamlessly.

By leveraging advanced technology and innovative systems, UPS ensures that tracking data is promptly and accurately recorded, enabling customers to stay informed every step of the way.

Why Can’t UPS Track?

While UPS strives to maintain a robust tracking system, there can be rare instances where tracking information is temporarily unavailable. These situations can occur due to technical glitches, system maintenance, or unforeseen disruptions.

Rest assured, however, that UPS diligently works to resolve any issues promptly and restore tracking capabilities as soon as possible. Such instances are infrequent and should not overshadow the overall reliability of UPS’s tracking services.

How Do I Get Accurate UPS Tracking?

To ensure you have the most accurate tracking information for your UPS shipment, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check Your Tracking Number: Double-check that you have entered the correct tracking number provided by UPS. Small errors in inputting the number can lead to inaccurate results.
  2. Allow for Processing Time: It’s important to remember that it may take a short period for the tracking information to become available after the package is shipped. Give the system sufficient time to update and reflect the latest details.
  3. Contact UPS Customer Support: If you have concerns about the accuracy or timeliness of your tracking information, don’t hesitate to reach out to UPS’s dedicated customer support team. They are available to provide assistance and address any questions or issues you may have.

Why Hasn’t UPS Tracking Updated in 3 Days?

If you find that your UPS tracking information has not been updated for several days, it’s natural to feel concerned. While this occurrence is rare, it can happen due to unforeseen circumstances or logistical complexities.

In such cases, it’s advisable to contact UPS directly to inquire about the status of your shipment. The UPS customer support team is equipped to investigate and provide you with the necessary updates and reassurance.

What Happens if UPS Loses My Package?

Losing a package is an unfortunate situation that can occur, albeit infrequently, during the shipping process. However, UPS has comprehensive protocols in place to address such incidents swiftly and satisfactorily. If your package goes missing, UPS will conduct a thorough investigation to locate it.

In the rare event that the package cannot be found, UPS offers a declared value coverage option that provides reimbursement for the declared value of the shipment. This ensures that you are protected and compensated for any loss or damage that may occur.


UPS’s tracking system is generally reliable and accurate, allowing customers to stay informed about the progress of their shipments. While occasional delays or discrepancies may occur, they are not indicative of the overall quality of UPS’s services.

By following the suggested steps and reaching out to UPS’s customer support when needed, you can ensure a smooth and accurate tracking experience. Trust in UPS’s commitment to excellence and rest assured that they are dedicated to resolving any issues promptly and efficiently. With UPS, your packages are in capable hands, and their commitment to customer satisfaction remains unwavering.