why is ups tracking not working?

If UPS tracking is not working for you, there could be several possible reasons:

  1. Invalid or Incorrect Tracking Number: Double-check the tracking number you entered to ensure it is accurate. UPS tracking numbers typically consist of 18 alphanumeric characters, and even a small mistake can prevent the tracking tool from retrieving the correct information.
  2. Recent Shipment: If your package was just shipped, it may take some time for the tracking information to become available. It is not uncommon for tracking updates to be delayed in the early stages of shipment.
  3. Technical Issues: Occasionally, UPS’s tracking system may experience technical difficulties or undergo maintenance, which can temporarily disrupt tracking services. In such cases, you can try tracking your package again later.
  4. Shipment Type: Certain types of UPS shipments, such as SurePost or Mail Innovations, may be transferred to a different carrier for final delivery. In such cases, tracking updates might be provided by the final carrier rather than UPS directly. Make sure to check if your shipment falls into any specialized service category.
  5. International Shipments: International shipments often involve multiple carriers and customs processes, which can result in delays or limited tracking updates. The tracking information for international packages may be less frequent or may take longer to update.
  6. Incorrect Carrier: Ensure that you are using the correct tracking tool for UPS. Sometimes, people mistakenly enter their UPS tracking number into another carrier’s tracking tool, which will not provide accurate results.

If you have checked the above factors and are still experiencing issues with UPS tracking, it is recommended to contact UPS customer support directly. They will be able to assist you further and provide specific information about your shipment.