Meaning Of DHL”The Shipment Has Been Processed In The Parcel Center Of Origin”

When you encounter the status “The Shipment Has Been Processed In The Parcel Center Of Origin” in your tracking updates, particularly with DHL, it indicates a significant step in the journey of your international shipment. This status provides key information about where your package is and what is happening to it at that stage of its transit.

To understand this status fully, let’s dive into a detailed explanation, covering various aspects of the shipping process.

Definition and Importance of the Status

  • Meaning of the Status: This status means that your package has been sorted, processed, and is ready for international transit in the shipper’s country. Essentially, it’s preparing to leave the country of origin.
  • Significance: It marks a crucial transition from local handling to international shipping, involving steps like customs preparation and logistics planning for overseas transport.


A Parcel Center is a specialized facility within the postal and courier system where the following activities take place:

  • Sorting: Packages are organized based on their destination, size, and type.
  • Scanning and Tracking: Every package is scanned, allowing both the courier service and the customer to track its progress.
  • Loading for Delivery: Packages are loaded onto the appropriate transportation (trucks, planes, etc.) based on their destination.
  • Types of Parcel Centers: There are different types, including domestic, export, import, and transit centers, each serving a unique role in the shipping process.


The Parcel Center of Origin is a key facility in the logistics and shipping industry, particularly in the context of international shipments. It refers to:

  • First Point of Export Processing: This center is where a package first arrives to be processed for international shipping after leaving the seller or shipper’s location.
  • Preparation for International Transit: Here, the package undergoes various procedures, including sorting, scanning, and preparations for customs clearance, which are crucial for its journey across borders.
  • Gateway to International Shipping: It acts as the gateway from the local postal system to the international shipping network.

Reasons for Delays at the Parcel Center of Origin

Delays can occur at this stage due to several reasons:

  1. Transport to Central Hub: The package might be in transit to a central hub, like Frankfurt Airport for DHL, which can take time depending on the location of the initial parcel center.
  2. Inclement Weather: Severe weather conditions can delay flights and, consequently, the movement of your package.
  3. Backlogs: Especially during peak periods, backlogs at central hubs can significantly delay the departure of packages.
  4. Missed Scans: Occasionally, packages are not scanned correctly, leading to a lack of status updates despite the package being in transit.
  5. Holidays and Operational Breaks: National holidays and non-working days can lead to pauses in package movement.

How to Respond to Delays?

  • Contact the Shipper or DHL: If your package is delayed, contacting the shipper or DHL directly can sometimes help in getting more information or expediting the process.
  • Using Alternate Tracking Services: Third-party tracking services might offer more detailed or updated information.

How do I know if my package has been processed in the parcel center of origin?

Identifying whether your package has been processed in the parcel center of origin involves:

  • Tracking System: Use the tracking number provided by the courier service (like DHL) to monitor the status of your package.
  • Status Update: The tracking system will display a specific status, such as “The Shipment Has Been Processed In The Parcel Center Of Origin,” indicating that your package is ready for international transit.

How long does it take for my package to leave the parcel center of origin?

The time it takes for a package to leave the parcel center of origin varies based on several factors:

  • Volume of Shipments: High volumes can lead to delays, especially during peak seasons.
  • Operational Efficiency: The efficiency of the parcel center’s operations, including staffing and logistics management.
  • Flight or Transport Availability: Availability of international transport, such as flights, can affect the departure time.
  • Customs and Security Checks: These necessary procedures can also add time to the process.

Why is my package stuck on this update for several days?

There are several reasons why a package might be stuck on the “Processed in the Parcel Center of Origin” update:

  1. Transport Delays to Central Hub: If the package needs to be transported to a central hub (like Frankfurt Airport for DHL), logistical challenges can cause delays.
  2. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather can disrupt transport schedules, especially air transport.
  3. Backlogs at the Center: Overload of packages can result in backlogs, slowing down the processing time.
  4. Missed Scans or Technical Issues: Sometimes, technical glitches or human error in scanning can result in a lack of status updates, though the package is actually in transit.
  5. Customs Clearance Delays: Custom inspections or documentation issues can hold up a package at the parcel center of origin.
  6. Public Holidays or Non-Working Days: These can temporarily halt operations at the parcel center, leading to delays.

In summary, understanding each of these aspects can provide valuable insights into the complex process of international shipping. The Parcel Center of Origin plays a pivotal role in this journey, acting as the bridge between local and international destinations. Delays, while inconvenient, are often part of the process due to the various factors influencing the movement of goods across borders.

Tracking After the Parcel Center of Origin

  • Continued Tracking: Once the package leaves the parcel center of origin, you should continue to track it using the provided tracking number. Subsequent updates will inform you about its journey towards the destination country, customs clearance, and eventual delivery.

Effective Tracking Tips

  • Utilize Official Tracking Tools: Always use the official tracking tools for the most accurate information.
  • Regular Checking: While regular checks are good, avoid excessive tracking to reduce stress.
  • Understanding Updates: Familiarize yourself with what different tracking updates mean to better understand your package’s journey.


“The Shipment Has Been Processed In The Parcel Center Of Origin” is a standard yet crucial update in the journey of an international package. It indicates that the package is on its way to leaving the country of origin and embarking on its international leg.

Understanding this status, along with the reasons for potential delays and ways to manage them, can help you better navigate the complexities of international shipping.