HX Cargo Tracking

HX Cargo Tracking provides a sophisticated online tool designed to offer customers and businesses real-time insights into the status of their shipments, air freight, cargo, airlines freight, and courier packages using unique tracking numbers. This system is meticulously crafted to ensure transparency and ease of access, allowing users to check the progress of their items from the moment of dispatch to the final delivery. With HX Cargo’s tracking tool, you’re not just sending or receiving packages; you’re given the capability to monitor every step of the journey, ensuring peace of mind and reliable service delivery.

HX Cargo Tracker (Order/Status)

Picktracking also offers a shipping calculator for shipping and courier companies and customers to get costs from the sending area to the delivery area.

About HX Cargo Tracking

HX Cargo is a renowned logistics and courier service provider, offering a wide range of shipping solutions to meet the needs of both individual and corporate clients. Specializing in air freight, cargo, and courier services, HX Cargo prides itself on its commitment to reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The company utilizes a global network, advanced logistics technologies, and a team of dedicated professionals to ensure that every shipment is handled with the utmost care and precision. HX Cargo’s dedication to providing transparent and accessible tracking solutions underscores its commitment to excellence in service delivery and customer support.

  • Official Website: https://www.hkaircargo.com/
  • Phone: +852 3920 9000
  • Email: gpa@hkaircargo.com 
  • Address: Unit 3007-11, 30/F, CDW Building, 388 Castle Peak Road – Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR
HX Cargo Tracking

How To Track HX Cargo?

Tracking your shipment with HX Cargo Tracking is a straightforward and user-friendly process:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: Upon sending your package with HX Cargo, you will receive a tracking number. This number is essential for following your shipment’s journey.
  2. Visit the HX Cargo Tracking Website: Navigate to the official HX Cargo website and locate the tracking section prominently displayed on the homepage.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: In the tracking field, input your provided tracking number and click on the tracking or search button.
  4. Review Shipment Status: You will be presented with detailed information about your shipment, including its current location, transit updates, and estimated delivery time.

This efficient system ensures that customers can easily stay informed about their shipments, reducing uncertainty and enhancing the shipping experience.


Q1: What do I do if I haven’t received my tracking number?

If you haven’t received your tracking number, contact HX Cargo’s customer service directly. Provide them with details of your shipment for assistance in retrieving your tracking information.

Q2: How often is the tracking information updated?

Tracking information is updated in real-time as your shipment moves through various stages of the delivery process. Delays in updates may occur due to operational reasons but are typically promptly resolved.

Q3: Can I track a shipment without a tracking number?

It is challenging to track a shipment without a tracking number. Always ensure to keep your tracking number safe. In case of loss, contact HX Cargo with as much detail about your shipment for possible assistance.

Q4: What does ‘Out for Delivery’ mean in the tracking status?

‘Out for Delivery’ means that your package has reached the final distribution center and is currently on its way to the delivery address. It indicates that your shipment should be delivered soon.

Q5: My package is delayed. What should I do?

If your package is delayed, refer to the tracking information for any updates or specific reasons for the delay. For further assistance, contact HX Cargo’s customer service for detailed information and support regarding your shipment.

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