How To ship ice cream internationally?

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Shipping ice cream to the USA, India, or internationally, a delightful yet delicate treat, requires more than just a box and a label. It’s an art that blends meticulous planning, the right materials, and timing to ensure that this frozen delicacy arrives in its best form. Whether you’re a small business owner expanding your reach or simply wanting to share your homemade flavors with distant loved ones, understanding how to ship ice cream effectively is crucial.

This guide offers a comprehensive walk-through, ensuring your creamy concoctions reach their destination perfectly chilled and ready to enjoy.

Embracing the challenge of ice cream logistics means delving into a world where temperature control and speed are paramount. With the right approach, shipping ice cream can transform from a daunting task to a seamless process, delivering joy and sweetness far and wide.

Let’s scoop into the essentials of how to perfectly ship this frozen treasure!

How To ship ice cream internationally?

Why Need to Ship Ice Cream?

The need to ship ice cream emerges from various scenarios, each highlighting the uniqueness and demand for this beloved frozen treat. Firstly, business expansion is a significant driver. Ice cream manufacturers and boutique ice cream shops often find a broader market beyond their local scope.

Shipping allows these businesses to reach new customers, increase brand recognition, and boost sales. Secondly, special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events often call for unique flavors or specialty ice cream that isn’t available locally.

This demands a reliable shipping solution to bring these exclusive flavors to the event location. Thirdly, there’s a growing trend of gifting gourmet foods, and ice cream is no exception. Whether it’s sending a comforting flavor to a friend across the country or sharing a family recipe with distant relatives, shipping ice cream adds a personal touch to gifting.

Lastly, in the realm of culinary exploration, chefs and food enthusiasts seek exotic or artisanal ice cream varieties not available in their region, necessitating a need for a robust shipping method that brings these unique culinary experiences right to their doorsteps.

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How to pack ice cream for shipping?

Selecting the Right Packaging Materials

Insulated Containers: The First Line of Defense

The journey of shipping ice cream successfully begins with selecting the right packaging. Insulated containers are your first line of defense against the external temperatures. These containers, often made of styrofoam or thick insulated foam, provide a barrier between your ice cream and the outside world.

The thickness and quality of the insulation are key; the better the insulation, the longer your ice cream stays frozen.

Dry Ice and Gel Packs: Keeping It Cool

The choice between dry ice and gel packs is a crucial one. Dry ice, frozen carbon dioxide, is remarkably effective for keeping ice cream frozen but requires careful handling due to its extremely low temperatures. Gel packs, while not as cold as dry ice, are reusable and pose less risk.

It’s essential to calculate the right amount of cooling material needed, based on the shipping duration and the external climate conditions.

Packing Process: A Step-by-Step Approach

Pre-freezing Is Crucial

Begin by ensuring your ice cream is frozen solid. This might seem obvious, but the harder the ice cream is frozen, the better it will withstand the journey.

It’s advisable to set your freezer to the lowest setting a day before you plan to ship.

Layering for Optimum Coolness

Layering is a technique that can significantly impact the effectiveness of your packing. Start with a layer of dry ice or gel packs at the bottom of your insulated container.

Place your ice cream on top, and then add another layer of cooling material above it. This sandwich-like structure ensures an even distribution of cold air.

Selecting a Shipping Service For Ice cream

Not all shipping services are created equal, especially when it comes to perishable items like ice cream. FedEx, for instance, has been recognized for its efficiency in shipping frozen goods. It’s important to choose a carrier that offers expedited shipping options and has experience in handling perishable items.

Here’s a list of shipping services suitable for ice cream, based on the information available:

Shipping ServiceFeatures
FedExOffers expedited shipping options and is recognized for efficiency in handling frozen goods such as ice cream. Ideal for both domestic and international shipping.
UPSProvides specialized services for shipping perishable items like ice cream, especially when using dry ice. They have a dedicated Hazardous Materials Support Center for guidance.
GoldbellySpecialized in nationwide food delivery, including ice cream, ensuring proper packaging and timely delivery.
Various Ice Cream Delivery ServicesNumerous ice cream brands offer their own delivery services, ensuring optimal packaging and shipping conditions for their products.

These services are known for their capability to handle perishable items like ice cream, ensuring that they maintain the necessary temperature throughout transit.

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Things That Can Go Wrong Shipping Ice Cream

Shipping ice cream is fraught with challenges, and several things can go wrong, impacting product quality and customer satisfaction. The most obvious and detrimental issue is melting. Ice cream needs to be kept at a consistently low temperature to maintain its texture and flavor integrity.

Any lapse in temperature control can lead to partial or complete melting, rendering the product unsellable or unenjoyable. Another significant concern is delayed delivery.

How To ship ice cream internationally?

Unlike non-perishable goods, ice cream cannot withstand long transit times, especially if not packed adequately with dry ice or coolant packs. Unexpected delays due to logistical issues or incorrect shipping methods can be disastrous.

Packaging failures are another common issue. Inadequate insulation, poor sealing, or using inappropriate coolant amounts can lead to temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, handling issues during transit, such as rough handling or improper storage, can lead to physical damage to the packaging, resulting in exposure to higher temperatures. Lastly, regulatory challenges can arise, especially when shipping internationally.

Different regions have varying regulations regarding the shipment of frozen goods and the use of dry ice, potentially leading to customs hold-ups or rejections.

5 Ice Cream Packaging Supplies

Ice cream packaging supplies encompass a wide range of containers and materials designed to store and sell ice cream effectively. These supplies include:

  1. Ice Cream Tubs and Containers: These are available in various sizes and are essential for both retail and commercial use. They are designed to keep ice cream safe and frozen while providing an easy way for consumers to access and store the product.
  2. Paper Cups and Napolis: Ideal for serving single servings or small quantities of ice cream. Napolis are specific types of containers used traditionally for storing larger quantities, especially in European markets.
  3. Disposable Packaging Products: Such products are aimed at businesses that require packaging for single servings or takeaway options. These can include paper tubs and more.
  4. Custom Packaging Options: Some suppliers, like Stanpac, offer custom packaging solutions, tailoring the design and size of the packaging to the specific needs of the ice cream brand or business.
  5. Online Availability: Various online platforms, such as Alibaba, offer a wide range of ice cream packaging options at different price points, catering to different business scales and needs.

The key focus of these supplies is to maintain the quality and flavor of the ice cream while also providing convenient storage and attractive presentation.

10 Essential Tips for Ice Cream Shipping

To ensure the successful shipping of ice cream, adhering to several essential tips is crucial. Firstly, understand your coolant options. Dry ice is the most effective coolant for shipping ice cream, as it keeps the product well below freezing temperatures without the risk of meltwater.

Here are 10 essential tips for successfully shipping ice cream:

  1. Pre-Freeze Ice Cream Properly: Ensure that the ice cream is thoroughly frozen to the core before packing, as this helps maintain its consistency during transit.
  2. Use Insulated Shipping Containers: Opt for high-quality insulated containers, preferably made of Styrofoam, to provide adequate insulation and maintain low temperatures.
  3. Select Appropriate Coolants: Dry ice is the most effective for keeping ice cream frozen, but gel packs can also be used for shorter distances. Be aware of the quantity needed based on transit time and temperature requirements.
  4. Ensure Tight Packaging: Minimize the space around the ice cream containers within the shipping box to prevent excessive movement and maintain a consistent cold environment.
  5. Label Packages Clearly: Mark your packages with labels such as “Keep Frozen,” “Handle with Care,” and “Contains Dry Ice” to alert handlers to the package’s specific needs.
  6. Choose Expedited Shipping: Opt for the fastest shipping option available to minimize transit time, reducing the risk of melting or temperature fluctuations.
  7. Monitor Weather Conditions: Be mindful of the weather both at the origin and destination, as extreme temperatures can affect shipping conditions and the amount of coolant needed.
  8. Seal and Waterproof: Ensure that the shipping container is sealed tightly to prevent air and moisture ingress, which can compromise the insulation.
  9. Provide Handling Instructions: Include clear instructions for the recipient on how to safely handle and unpack the ice cream, especially when dealing with dry ice.
  10. Track and Communicate: Utilize tracking services to monitor your shipment’s journey and keep the recipient informed about the expected delivery time to ensure immediate storage in a freezer upon arrival.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Ice Cream?

The cost of shipping ice cream is influenced by factors like the shipping service used, the distance to the destination, package size and weight, and the necessity for quick delivery to maintain the product’s frozen state.

The exact costs can be variable and are best estimated using the shipping calculators of the respective services.

Below is an approximate guide to the potential costs associated with popular shipping services, based on general market trends and standard shipping practices.

Shipping ServiceApproximate Cost Range
FedEx$20 – $100, depending on factors such as distance, package size, and shipping speed. FedEx offers specialized cold shipping which might be more expensive.
UPS$15 – $80, similar to FedEx, costs vary with package dimensions, weight, and urgency. Special care for perishable items like ice cream can add to the cost.
Goldbelly$30 – $150, specializing in nationwide food delivery. The cost varies greatly depending on the brand and the delivery location.
Mail-Order Ice Cream Services$25 – $100, includes the cost of the ice cream and shipping. Prices vary widely between brands and shipping distances.

These are estimated ranges and actual costs may differ. It’s advisable to use the online calculators provided by these shipping services for more precise estimates, as prices are subject to change based on specific shipment details.

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What is the best way to ship frozen ice cream?

The best way to ship frozen ice cream involves packing it at its lowest possible temperature and using dry ice or gel packs to keep it frozen. Insulated packaging materials and expedited shipping services are also recommended to maintain the cold chain throughout transit.

How do I bring ice cream to another country?

When bringing ice cream to another country, it’s crucial to start with the ice cream at the lowest possible temperature. Use dry ice or gel packs for cooling, and comply with international shipping regulations, especially for dry ice. An insulated packaging solution that can sustain the frozen state for the duration of the journey is essential. It’s also important to check the destination country’s import regulations for food items.

How is ice cream shipped without melting?

To ship ice cream without melting, pack it in an insulated container with dry ice or gel packs. Dry ice can keep ice cream frozen for up to three days. The packaging should be capable of maintaining the low temperatures required to prevent melting during transit.

Does FedEx ship ice cream?

FedEx offers shipping services suitable for perishable items like ice cream. They provide cold shipping solutions, including packaging and expedited shipping options, to maintain the required temperature throughout transit. However, specific details about FedEx’s capability or policies for shipping ice cream are not provided in the sources.

Can you ship frozen food internationally?

Yes, you can ship frozen food, including ice cream, internationally. It requires using dry ice or gel packs, proper insulation, and adherence to international shipping regulations, especially those concerning dry ice. Also, it’s important to check the destination country’s specific rules for importing frozen food items.

How much does it cost to ship frozen food?

The cost to ship frozen food varies based on factors such as the weight of the package, shipping distance, shipping speed, and the type of cooling materials used (dry ice or gel packs). The specific costs are not detailed in the provided sources, and they would depend on the chosen courier and service options.


Shipping ice cream need not be a source of anxiety. With the right knowledge, tools, and planning, you can confidently send your frozen treats across distances, delighting customers or friends with each creamy, well-preserved spoonful.

Remember, the key to success lies in meticulous preparation, choosing the right materials, and partnering with a reliable shipping carrier. Embrace these guidelines and watch as your ice cream travels seamlessly from freezer to spoon, anywhere in the world.

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