How much does GPS cost per month?

GPS technology has become an integral part of our lives, from navigation apps on our smartphones to tracking valuable assets and vehicles. However, when it comes to GPS tracking services, there are often monthly fees associated with maintaining and utilizing the technology.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the cost of GPS tracking per month and introduce some top GPS tracking providers, along with their features and pricing.

Top GPS Tracking Providers, Features, and Monthly Costs

Here’s a list of leading GPS tracking providers, their key features, and monthly subscription costs:

GPS Tracking ProviderKey FeaturesMonthly Cost
1. Verizon Connect– Real-time tracking – Fleet management – Geofencing – Reporting toolsStarting at $40/user
2. Samsara– Real-time tracking – Driver safety features – Asset tracking – Maintenance alertsRequest a Quote
3. Geotab– Advanced telematics – Fuel monitoring – Driver behavior analysis – ELD complianceRequest a Quote
4. Fleet Complete– Live tracking – Asset management – Vehicle diagnostics – Driver behavior insightsStarting at $20/month
5. CalAmp– Comprehensive asset tracking – Fleet optimization – Predictive maintenance – Customizable solutionsRequest a Quote
6. GpsGate– Fleet management – Geofencing – API integration – Historical data analysisStarting at $9/month
7. Teletrac Navman– Real-time tracking – ELD compliance – Safety analytics – Asset trackingRequest a Quote

Understanding GPS Tracking Costs

GPS tracking services typically involve a combination of hardware and software. The cost structure often includes:

  • Hardware: This includes GPS tracking devices or modules that are installed in vehicles, assets, or equipment.
  • Monthly Subscription: GPS tracking providers charge a recurring fee for access to their software platform, real-time tracking, and various features.
  • Optional Add-Ons: Additional costs may be associated with premium features such as driver behavior analysis, maintenance alerts, or ELD (Electronic Logging Device) compliance.

How Much Does GPS Cost Per Month?

GPS tracking costs can vary widely based on the provider, the number of devices, and the features you require. Monthly subscription fees typically range from as low as $9 per month for basic services to hundreds of dollars per month for comprehensive fleet management solutions.

Top GPS Tracking Providers and Their Features

Now, let’s explore some of the top GPS tracking providers and what they offer:

1. Verizon Connect

  • Features: Real-time tracking, fleet management, geofencing, reporting tools.
  • Monthly Cost: Starting at $40 per user.

2. Samsara

  • Features: Real-time tracking, driver safety features, asset tracking, maintenance alerts.
  • Monthly Cost: Request a Quote.

3. Geotab

  • Features: Advanced telematics, fuel monitoring, driver behavior analysis, ELD compliance.
  • Monthly Cost: Request a Quote.

4. Fleet Complete

  • Features: Live tracking, asset management, vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior insights.
  • Monthly Cost: Starting at $20 per month.

5. CalAmp

  • Features: Comprehensive asset tracking, fleet optimization, predictive maintenance, customizable solutions.
  • Monthly Cost: Request a Quote.

6. GpsGate

  • Features: Fleet management, geofencing, API integration, historical data analysis.
  • Monthly Cost: Starting at $9 per month.

7. Teletrac Navman

  • Features: Real-time tracking, ELD compliance, safety analytics, asset tracking.
  • Monthly Cost: Request a Quote.

Tips for Selecting a GPS Tracking Provider

  • Determine your specific needs, whether it’s basic location tracking or comprehensive fleet management.
  • Consider the number of assets or vehicles you need to track.
  • Evaluate additional features and add-ons, such as driver safety tools or maintenance alerts.
  • Request quotes from multiple providers to find the best fit for your budget and requirements.

GPS tracking has evolved into a versatile tool for businesses and individuals, offering improved efficiency, safety, and asset protection. By understanding the cost structure and exploring the features of top GPS tracking providers, you can make an informed decision about the solution that best meets your needs.