ECT Delta Terminal Container Tracking

The ECT Delta Terminal, one of the most prominent container terminals located in the Port of Rotterdam, offers a state-of-the-art online container tracking tool. This digital platform is designed to provide customers, shipping lines, and freight forwarders with real-time updates on the status of their containers. By utilizing unique tracking numbers or container numbers (often referred to as bill of lading numbers or container IDs), users can access detailed information regarding their shipment’s location, handling status, and estimated release or departure times. This tool is accessible via the ECT Delta Terminal’s official website, ensuring transparency and efficiency in container management and logistics operations.

ECT Delta Terminal Container Tracker (Order/Status)

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About ECT Delta Terminal Container Tracking

The ECT Delta Terminal is a leading container terminal located in the Port of Rotterdam, known for its advanced logistics and container handling capabilities. As part of Hutchison Ports, a global port operator, ECT Delta Terminal plays a critical role in international trade, offering a wide range of services to facilitate the efficient movement of goods across the world. The terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including automated container handling systems and extensive rail and barge connections, making it one of the most advanced and efficient terminals globally. The terminal’s dedication to innovation is reflected in its online tracking system, which underscores its commitment to providing transparent and reliable services to its customers.

  • Official Website:
  • Phone: +31 (0)181 278278
  • Email:
  • Address: Europaweg 875, Portnumber 8200. 3199 LD Rotterdam (Maasvlakte)
ECT Delta Terminal Container Tracking

How To Track ECT Delta Terminal Container?

  1. Obtain Your Container or Bill of Lading Number: When your goods are shipped and arrive at the ECT Delta Terminal, you’re provided with a unique container number or a bill of lading number associated with your shipment.
  2. Visit the ECT Delta Terminal Tracking Page: Navigate to the ECT Delta Terminal’s official website and locate the tracking section dedicated to container tracking.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Information: In the tracking section, input your container number or bill of lading number in the designated field. Ensure the information is entered accurately to retrieve the correct shipment data.
  4. Submit and View Your Container Status: Click on the “Track” button after entering your tracking information. The system will then display real-time data regarding your container’s status, including its current location within the terminal, handling status, and any relevant import or export details.
  5. Understanding Status Updates: The tracking system will provide various updates, including “Received at Terminal,” “Customs Cleared,” “Ready for Pickup,” and “Shipped.” These updates help stakeholders in the logistics chain to plan accordingly and manage their operations efficiently.


Q1: How quickly is container tracking information updated?

Container tracking information at ECT Delta Terminal is updated in real-time, providing stakeholders with the most current data regarding their shipments.

Q2: Can I track multiple containers at once?

Depending on the functionality provided by the ECT Delta Terminal’s tracking tool, you may be able to track multiple containers simultaneously by entering several container or bill of lading numbers, if the system supports batch tracking.

Q3: What should I do if I can’t find my container’s status?

If you’re unable to find your container’s status, double-check the container number for accuracy. If issues persist, contact ECT Delta Terminal’s customer service for assistance.

Q4: Is there a mobile app available for ECT Delta Terminal container tracking?

The availability of a mobile app for container tracking would depend on the terminal’s current digital offerings. For the most accurate information, please visit the ECT Delta Terminal’s official website.

Q5: How can I get more help with tracking my container?

For additional support, you can contact ECT Delta Terminal directly through the contact information provided on their official website, including phone numbers and email addresses dedicated to customer service.

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