What does “Arrived at linehaul office” mean on AliExpress?

When an AliExpress order status updates to “Arrived at Line-haul Office” or “Received by Line-haul Office,” it signifies that the package is currently at a key logistic center, ready for the next phase of its journey. This stage involves sorting and assigning the package to appropriate transportation – be it air, land, or sea – for delivery to the destination country.

The timeline for this process varies, particularly for destinations far from the seller’s country. Delays in this phase can impact the overall delivery time.

The linehaul office is integral to the shipping process, acting as a crucial hub where strategic planning and coordination occur. It ensures that the package is dispatched efficiently, following optimized routes and adhering to delivery schedules.

This office plays a vital role in monitoring and adapting transportation routes to prevent delays and enhance delivery efficiency.

In instances where the package remains at the linehaul office beyond the expected delivery period, customers have the option to request a refund. This scenario underscores the importance of tracking the shipment to stay updated on its progress and take necessary actions if delays occur.

What does "Arrived at linehaul office" mean on AliExpress?

What is a Linehaul Office?

A linehaul office is a central transportation hub, integral to the logistics of shipping. It’s where packages are received from sellers, organized, and grouped for the next phase of their journey.

In essence, it functions as a command center coordinating the movement of packages over long distances, be it by land, air, or sea, and can be located in the country of origin, transit countries, or the destination country.

The Role of a Linehaul Office in AliExpress Shipments

  1. Processing and Dispatch: Upon arrival at the linehaul office, packages are processed and prepared for overseas dispatch. This includes sorting and consolidating packages based on their destination countries.
  2. Transition to Overseas Transportation: For AliExpress orders, this status typically implies that your package is either about to board a plane or a ship, commencing its international leg of the journey.
  3. Timeframes and Logistics: The duration your package spends at a linehaul office can vary. It might be a brief stopover or could extend due to factors like weather, holidays, or customs inspections.

What Does “Line-haul Departure” Mean?

  • Definition: “Line-haul Departure” essentially means that the logistics or courier service handling your package has left the origin point, usually the country of origin like China, and is en route to the destination country or location.
  • In the Shipping Process: This status appears after your item has been “received by line-haul”, signifying that it has been handed over to the logistic service responsible for moving it to the next destination. This is a key transition point, moving your item closer to you.

What are Line-haul Charges?

  • Definition of Charges: Line-haul charges refer to the costs incurred for the transportation of your item from the pickup point to the destination. It’s the price for the long-distance movement of your goods.
  • Covered by Shipping Fee: Generally, when you pay for shipping, especially in cases like purchases from AliExpress, the line-haul charges are included in this fee. It’s important to note that these charges typically don’t include additional costs like loading or unloading of the freight.

How Long Does Linehaul Transportation Take?

  • Duration: The time taken for linehaul transportation can vary, but on platforms like AliExpress, it generally takes a few days for the item to leave the country of origin and start its journey to the destination country.
  • Following Steps: After the “Line-haul Departure” status, the next update you might see is that the item has departed from the country of origin and is on its way to you.


  • “Line-haul Departure” is an indication that your package is moving from its origin to your location.
  • Line-haul charges are typically included in your shipping fee.
  • The duration of this phase can vary but usually takes a few days.

What to Do if Your Order is Delayed at the Linehaul Stage?

  • Patience is Key: International transportation often takes time. Allow a couple of weeks for your package to move from this status.
  • Regular Tracking: Keep an eye on tracking updates for progress signs, such as customs clearance or transfer to local couriers.
  • Contacting the Seller: If there are no updates for an extended period, consider reaching out to the seller for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status is a routine yet crucial part of the delivery process on AliExpress.
  • Understanding this status helps gauge the progress of your shipment and anticipate potential delays.
  • In most cases, no immediate action is required on your part as your package is simply in transit.

How Does Shipping Work on AliExpress?

  • Order Placement: Once you place an order on AliExpress, the seller starts preparing your item for shipping.
  • Shipping Method: Most sellers use AliExpress Standard Shipping, which is a reliable and affordable global delivery service.
  • Dispatch: After the seller has your package ready, they dispatch it. This is the starting point of the shipping journey.

And What About Tracking?

  • Tracking Number: As soon as the seller dispatches your order, you get a tracking number. This is your key to follow your package’s journey.
  • Tracking Updates: You can use this number on various tracking websites or the AliExpress app to see where your package is at any moment.
  • Progress Visibility: The tracking shows each stage of your package’s trip – from the seller’s location, across countries, through customs, and finally to your doorstep.

What Do Different Tracking Statuses Mean?

  • ‘In Transit’: This means your package is on the move. It could be anywhere between the seller and your local post office.
  • ‘Arrived at Destination Country’: This is good news! It means your package has landed in your country and is closer to delivery.
  • ‘Arrived at Linehaul Office’: This status indicates a stopover at a key sorting and distribution center. It’s normal and part of the journey.
  • ‘Out for Delivery’: This means your package is with the local delivery service and should reach you soon.

What If There Are Delays?

  • Be Patient: International shipping can take time, and delays are not uncommon.
  • Check Regularly: Keep an eye on the tracking for any updates or changes.
  • Contact the Seller: If the package seems stuck for too long, reach out to the seller for more information.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the complexities of international shipping can be challenging, but understanding terms like “Arrived at Linehaul Office” demystifies the process. Recognizing that this status is a standard part of the AliExpress shipping journey provides reassurance and clarity about your package’s progress.