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157 Cargo Tracking, in partnership with Pick Tracking, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly online tracking tool designed to keep you updated on the status of your shipments, air freight, cargo, airlines freight, and courier deliveries.

This service ensures transparency and peace of mind by allowing customers to track and trace their shipments in real-time using unique tracking numbers. Whether you’re a business awaiting a critical freight delivery or an individual expecting a parcel, 157 Cargo Tracking through Pick Tracking provides detailed insights into your shipment’s journey from dispatch to delivery.

157 QRCargoTracking (Order/Status)

Picktracking also offers a shipping calculator for shipping and courier companies and customers to get costs from the sending area to the delivery area.

About 157 Cargo

157 Cargo is a reputable logistics and transportation company, known for its reliable and efficient cargo handling services. With a robust network and a commitment to customer satisfaction, 157 Cargo specializes in offering tailored logistics solutions, including air freight, sea freight, courier services, and more.

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The company’s dedication to leveraging advanced technology for logistics management is evident in its partnership with Pick Tracking, enhancing the customer’s ability to monitor their shipments effectively. For more detailed information about 157 Cargo and its services, visiting the official website is recommended.

Website: https://www.qrcargo.com/

How To Track 157 Cargo?

Tracking your shipment with 157 Cargo is a straightforward process designed to provide you with real-time updates on your shipment’s status:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: Once your shipment is booked with 157 Cargo, you’ll receive a unique tracking number. This number is essential for tracking your shipment.
  2. Visit the Tracking Website: Go to the official Pick Tracking website, where you’ll find the tracking tool specifically for 157 Cargo shipments.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: Input your tracking number in the designated field and submit it to view the status of your shipment.
  4. Review Your Shipment Status: The tracking tool will display detailed information about your shipment, including its current location, transit history, and estimated arrival time.

This efficient tracking process is designed to provide transparency and ensure you’re always informed about your shipment’s progress.


Q: How do I find my tracking number for 157 Cargo?

Your tracking number is provided by 157 Cargo when your shipment is booked. It can also be found in the confirmation email or SMS sent by the company.

Q: What should I do if I can’t track my shipment?

If you’re unable to track your shipment, ensure you’ve entered the correct tracking number. If the issue persists, contact 157 Cargo’s customer service for assistance.

Q: Can I track multiple shipments at once?

Yes, the Pick Tracking tool may allow you to track multiple shipments by entering each tracking number separately.

Q: How accurate is the estimated delivery time provided by 157 Cargo Tracking?

The estimated delivery time is based on current transit conditions and is generally accurate. However, unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or customs delays can affect delivery times.

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